Arbor Digital and Digital Asset Research Announce Partnership

How to Gain Clarity Around a Possible Crypto Investment

Arbor Digital and Digital Asset Research announce a partnership to enhance crypto-asset selection due diligence.

Arbor Digital is partnering with Digital Asset Research (DAR) to enhance their crypto-asset due diligence process which powers their SMA offer. This enhances the depth at which we analyze networks and their associated tokens which leads to having a greater ability to discern our analysis into actionable intelligence for our portfolios. Digital Asset Research is a specialist provider of crypto data and research. Since 2017, DAR has combined its expertise in traditional financial services and the crypto space to meet the needs of institutional clients, including asset managers, banks, custodians, family offices, fintech firms, fund administrators, hedge funds, and venture capital firms; flagship clients include FTSE Russell, who partners with DAR to deliver FTSE DAR crypto-asset reference prices and indexes, and Bloomberg, who uses DAR’s taxonomy and pricing data in the Bloomberg Galaxy DeFi and Solana Indexes. DAR’s core offerings include Clean Pricing & Verified Volume Data, a Crypto Events Calendar, a Reference Data Master, an Industry Taxonomy & Taxonomy Themes, Exchange Diligence, and Token Diligence, as well as related crypto market research.

When asked about the partnership, Doug Schwenk, CEO of DAR said, “We’re excited to partner with Arbor, a leader in digital asset solutions for RIAs. The institutional rigor Arbor applies to digital asset markets is important to further adoption and is aligned with DAR’s philosophy. We appreciate that Arbor goes beyond Bitcoin to consider a range of crypto assets and believe the combination of our research and data with Arbor’s process and acumen will create a great solution for investors who seek exposure.”

Clients of Arbor Digital want to know they are getting a product set up for long-term success. This partnership solidifies Arbor Digital’s commitment to having the highest quality data and robust diligence process in the industry.

“Quality data is integral to our due diligence on crypto networks and assets. We are looking to help create the standards at which research teams’ approach and discern data in crypto markets.” says Marc Nichols, Product Manager for Arbor Digital.

Research and data services in crypto are very fragmented. The standards aren’t set yet. Crypto markets move fast, and everything is transparent. Discerning the never-ending amount of data is difficult.

After learning about DAR’s process, their commitment to the advisor community, and the partnerships they have established, it was an easy decision for Arbor Digital to choose to partner with them. This strategic union will surely be a positive for clients of Arbor Digital and it is exciting to see what will come of it.

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