Marc Nichols,

Product Director


Marc Nichols

Marc brings his experience as a Certified Investment Management Analyst CIMA® and Wealth Management Certified Professional WMCP® to serve as Product Director for Arbor Digital’s suite of SMA offerings. Marc also holds a Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets® and serves as an asset analyst and portfolio manager. You will also find Marc sharing responsibilities as manager of Investor Relations.

Prior to joining Arbor Digital, Marc started his career as a professional tennis player and coach before transitioning to financial services as an associate advisor with Merrill Lynch in Princeton, NJ. Seeking to further develop himself through serving others, Marc started an advisory business to meet the wealth management needs of clients in the New York and New Jersey market with Charles Schwab.

Recognizing the mentorship qualities of his passion with coaching, Marc directed his focus to product development and elevating advisors around the nation through a sales leadership role with Schwab, and subsequently TD Ameritrade. Where he lead the direction of numerous wealth management and financial planning products.

Marc and his family are based in Austin, TX and are strong mental health advocates regularly volunteering with various non-profit organizations.

Marc has received the Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets offered by the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals recognized as the gold standard in professional education for Digital Asset management.

The Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA) designation is the only community-owned designation in the financial services industry.

Marc has gone through in-depth training and education in 5 core aspects of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance to provide investors with the highest level of service and education.

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