Blockchain Transferred Fund with Jerald David

This episode features host Marc Nichols and guest Jerald David, president at Arca, discussing the Blockchain Transferred Fund. Jerald shares the mission of Arca and Arca Labs, and he explains what you need to know about the Blockchain Transferred Fund and the evolution of the pooled investment fund. He and Marc discuss the features and

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Terra LUNA, UST, and Crypto Markets

In this special edition, episode Marc Nichols goes solo to discuss stablecoins, why they’re important… and what’s next. Marc provides a high-level dive into specifically Terra (LUNA) and UST and discusses the major recent collapse. Marc continues to discuss risk management regardless of whether investing in digital or traditional markets.   Gemini Cryptopedia: What is […]

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Digital Asset Estate Planning

What’s Happening Now in Digital Assets That Requires Estate Planning? Host Marc Nichols speaks with Sara Adami-Johnson, attorney and senior wealth planning consultant at BMO Private Wealth in British Columbia, Canada. They dig into the relatively new topic of digital asset estate planning, and why it’s becoming necessary. Sara shares three considerations when managing digital

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