Digital Asset Weekend Round-Up 09.27.2021

Be aware, get educated, develop a plan, & stay disciplined.

Happy Monday y’all! We are going to switch it up a bit on today’s Digital Asset Weekend Round-Up. Instead of reviewing prices (on-chain fundamentals show strengthening), sharing adoption news (spoiler alert it’s still going up), main headlines (China bans crypto… again), and at the end highlighting education opportunities, we are going to make this all about education.

Why do this? 1. Learning and education is most important right now, and 2. I feel like September turned into “Event Season” with what seems to be every industry pioneer hosting something. Not going to lie… I’m a little tired.

Below you will find links to many events that have transpired over the last month. To kick it off I thought I would share three very high-level take-aways:

Important Data Point“Coinbase, the largest U.S. exchange to trade cryptocurrencies, has more than 68 million users globally. That’s more than the number of users of Schwab, E-Trade and TD Ameritrade combined.” – Matt Hougan, CEO of Bitwise, at Morningstar Investment Conference 2021

1.What gets crypto to 1 billion users?

Seems to be a favorite question to ask everyone at the end of their panel regardless of the event. What has been interesting are the answers: Regulation the number one. This is very important because many outside of the crypto landscape think we don’t want regulation, when in fact it’s the opposite. The catalyst to get to 1 billion users is thoughtful and modernized regulation, not blanket enforcement of old regulation.

2. The future is multi-chain and interoperable.

A narrative we have never resonated with is the idea of “Ethereum killers” and that there will be one almighty decentralized smart contract platform where all application development across the world will happen. We have the conviction that multiple base layer platforms will survive and thrive. Just like how developers and users have access to the Apple Store, Google Marketplace, and Microsoft Store, we believe users and developers will have access to Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana (to name a few). Cardano announcing their partnership with Chainlink shows they even understand that to some degree. As the pie grows we believe the ecosystems and projects built on top of them that create value and solve real problems all will be able to eat.

3. The social impact of crypto.

Tyrone Ross, CEO of OnRamp, speaking at Morningstar Investment Conference, “It is digital social justice,” he explained. “The technology has brought financial services closer to those who have never had it.” I’m still processing this (both intellectually and emotionally) and panels I attended at The Black Blockchain Summit 2021 focusing on how crypto/digital assets play a key role in establishing a truly fair global financial system. Rao Paul makes it a point to mention this more and more it seems and Charles Hoskinson, along with many in the Cardano community, have been preaching this since the beginning.

While these are only a few take-aways there is so much more. Please go through these links as many of the streams are on-demand and free to view. I’m also adding some additional events/webinars that you should have on your radar even though they didn’t happen this month.


Thank you for reading this all the way through. Be sure to tell someone today you care about them!

Stay safe, healthy and happy!



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