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Marc Nichols, CIMA®,WMCP®

Demystifying DeFi

The term “DeFi” is the abbreviation used for decentralized finance, which utilizes blockchain, crypto assets, and smart contract technology to manage decentralized financial services over the internet. If you’ve been curious about DeFi – or you’re wondering why it matters – read on to learn the basics.

How to Gain Clarity Around a Possible Crypto Investment
Arbor Digital

Calculating What You Can Afford to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

If you pay attention to financial news, you probably know that Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market value. You probably also know that it made waves recently by reaching a new record of over $68,000 in early November. What’s more, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ether, also hit an all-time high of over $4,857. These are …

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