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We offer a flexible and easy-to-implement solution to RIAs who want to provide direct exposure to the emerging digital asset class for their clients. Our True Digital Asset SMA™ combines the ease of use of a trust or a fund with the flexibility and customization of a DTAMP but offers lower costs and a low impact implementation process for RIAs.

Our Digital Asset Investing Thesis

Arbor Digital’s investment thesis for our Flagship portfolio is centralized around Metcalf’s Law and network effects. The term network effect refers to situations in which the value of a product, service, or platform depends on the number of buyers, sellers, or users who leverage it. Metcalfe’s Law says that a network’s value is proportional to the square of the number of nodes in the network. For our Compass portfolio, we have added elements from the thesis and laws that we believe are salient today such as the Fat Protocol Thesis, The Power Law, and the Lindy Effect.

Important Note: Our investment thesis has evolved over time and will continue to do so in the coming years as we discover what drives this nascent asset class. It started simply with a macro thesis on Bitcoin and its network effects and has now expanded beyond to incorporate elements across different industries as we invest across the digital asset spectrum. 

Arbor Digital Portfolios

Blockchain technology is the most important innovation since the internet and is the technology underpinning digital assets. These next-gen networks provide greater accessibility through decentralization, unparalleled transparency, and security. While still in the early stages of adoption, the potential for efficiency gains through these technological advances are exponential, as is the opportunity to invest. We will capitalize on this by investing in good-faith digital asset projects solving real problems, creating value, and building network effects.

Flagship Portfolio

The Flagship portfolio will maintain a balance between the two largest digital assets Bitcoin and Ethereum*

*Current weightings as of 3/31/2022

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The first, the original. Bitcoin’s role in the digital economy continues to evolve. Bitcoin’s early ambition and use case as a decentralized peer-to-peer version of electronic cash has expanded and is being used as a treasury asset by corporations. Bitcoin is also an important unit of value in the Decentralized Financial infrastructure. But at its core, Bitcoin is technology. Bitcoin as an investment exhibits strong non-correlation benefits to traditional stock and bond portfolios.

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The first digital smart contract blockchain platform. Ethereum aims to be technology that is home to digital money, global payments, and applications. Thousands of developers are building on Ethereum as well as layers running on top of the base ethereum protocol. Some layer two protocols feature in our other portfolios.

Compass Portfolio

A professionally managed diversified portfolio of Blockchain based digital assets. Utilizing on-chain and off-chain research and analysis unique to digital assets to intelligently manage risk and identify opportunities.

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Within our portfolio, Bitcoin acts as a scarce digital gold and store of value, an inflation hedge, and an uncorrelated asset.

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Digital assets specific to protocols that are the base layer for smart contract platforms as well as protocols that aim to serve as scaling solutions to those base layers.

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Digital assets specific to protocols looking to create a global, open alternative to the current financial system

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Digital assets that offer the right to a service or product or are native to decentralized applications and have a cryptographic asset associated with their use or monetization. 

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