To be Your Connection to the Digital Asset (r)Evolution

For the first time in history, a globally accessible investment opportunity into disruptive technology has presented itself. It is evident that the emerging digital asset class is here to stay and we have strong conviction it will continue to grow and mature. 

We feel it is our fiduciary duty to be a trusted advisor for clients in this complex space. For investors and advisors looking for growth and a stake in the future of global finance, investing in digital assets is not just recommended, it is imperative.


The Future of Finance is in Digital Assets

With particular and growing interest in digital assets in the marketplace, we believe now is the time for RIAs to partner with a True Digital Asset SMA in order to provide enhanced value to their clients – and to further grow their businesses.

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What We Do

We provide a flexible and easy-to-implement solution to RIAs who want to provide direct exposure to the emerging digital asset class for their clients. Our first-of-its-kind True Digital Asset SMA™ combines the ease of use of a trust or a fund with the broad selection of a DTAMP, but offers lower costs and a low-impact implementation process for RIAs.

Who We Serve

Arbor Digital is committed to partnering with Registered Investment Advisors who want to offer more value to their clients through direct exposure to the digital asset investment class. We are passionate about offering extraordinary support, education, and resources to all of our partners and clients. Our sister company, Arbor Capital, provides individual investors with the same digital investment opportunities and hands-on expertise through direct ownership to an emerging asset class built on cutting-edge technology and the opportunity digital assets bring to investors.

Arbor Capital

Who is
Arbor Capital?

Arbor Digital is a subsidiary of parent company Arbor Capital, an RIA firm with $250mm AUM operating from our headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska. Our investment thesis for Bitcoin and digital assets in 2018 was the foundation for what was to come. We began allocating digital assets to our client portfolios beginning in early 2019, and by 2020 we had diversified our offering to assets beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Our Partners

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