Four Ways Arbor Digital Can Help You Better Serve Your Clients

Creating Value Through Exposure to Digital Assets

If you’re a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) looking to add more value to your current clients – and set yourself apart from your competitors – offering exposure to digital assets can help you accomplish both goals. This growing asset class has recently undergone a significant surge in popularity, going from fringe curiosity to mainstream acceptance. Your clients are asking questions and are interested in learning more, and you are uniquely situated to double-down on your value as a financial advisor by educating and empowering your clients in this space.

At Arbor Digital, we want to be your connection to the Digital Asset (r)Evolution.

Who We Are: Digital Asset SMA

Ten years ago, we curiously set out to explore Bitcoin. Now, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with you. Arbor Digital is a True Digital Asset SMA™ for RIAs on their journey to digital assets. In a space that’s a bit like the Wild West, we arm you and your clients with the necessary knowledge and power to engage with digital assets safely and securely. Our work is rooted in safety, security, and education.

Advantages of SMA: Why Utilize a Digital Asset SMA?

Digital assets are different. The technology behind them is different. The market structure is different, too, with 24/7 trading and no backstops or bailouts from the government. They are highly leveraged, which is part of the volatility you hear so much about. With intense investor interest at the moment, especially in cryptocurrencies, it’s important to enter this space in an intentional, educated way. 

Below, we’ll discuss four value-adds you can gain by partnering with Arbor Digital as your SMA manager.

1. A Simplified Journey

Digital assets are inherently complex, the regulatory landscape is always evolving, and the technology at play is unlike anything else. This is what makes digital assets so disruptive – as well as exciting to investors. Of course, these are also the reasons it can be a challenge to offer your clients exposure to digital assets. When you partner with a digital asset SMA like us, you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, we offer you a simplified journey to this value-add for your clients, enhancing the services you offer without the time-lag or challenge of gaining a deep understanding of digital assets on your own.

2. Tailored Investments

Digital assets are not one-size-fits-all. Although the news media is saturated with headlines about cryptocurrency – and Bitcoin, in particular – there are three other types of digital assets you can offer your clients exposure to also. You may be familiar with decentralized protocols and platforms, such as Ethereum, but this asset class also includes asset-backed tokens and pass-through securities. When you partner with Arbor Digital, you’ll gain an approach that makes it possible to tailor digital asset investment to a specific growth or risk appetite for each interested client.

3. Peace of Mind

We have been immersed in the digital asset space for a decade, and our breadth and depth of experience means you can consider us your outsourced digital asset Chief Investment Officer. We bring curated knowledge to the table, and we are prepared to lead financial advisors in understanding the potential risks and benefits of digital assets. We offer specific expertise and the knowledge that comes with early adoption of this emerging asset class, which translates into both opportunity and peace of mind for you and for your clients. 

4. Enhanced Value

A few years ago, we realized there was no direct exposure to owning and managing this complete asset class. So, we set out to change that. We created the True Digital Asset SMA™ – the first of its kind – to offer investors exposure across the entire asset class, rather than being limited to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Our SMA combines the simplicity of a trust or fund with the tax advantages, flexibility, and lower cost of owning the underlying digital assets. Our solution makes it easy to add digital assets to client portfolios using qualified custodians, thereby enhancing your services – and your value to your clients.

Partner with Arbor Digital to Enhance Your Financial Services

Digital assets are continuing to grow in mainstream popularity, and more individual investors are wondering whether it’s time to buy-in. As a financial advisor, much of your value to your clients depends on your ability to educate and empower them, and Arbor Digital brings you a solution to do so. Not only can exposure to digital assets help improve the risk/return profiles of traditional portfolios, but we believe the technology behind this asset class can improve the financial system, too.

If you’re ready for a simplified and secure solution to responsibly advise your clients about adding digital assets to their portfolios, let’s connect. You can schedule a conversation with us today, where we can discuss your goals, answer your questions, and help you get started engaging with digital assets through our True Digital Asset SMA™.

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